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Friday, October 9, 2009

Shoes from La La Shoes!!!!!

Me and Dimitris bought these shoes from Daria, on etsy. Daria is so talented, and her things are incredible, and she is a very sweet girl. They are in wool felt, and perfect for the colder days coming now (even Greece has colder days, and with the humidity here, you freeze to to the bones when it gets cold ). I love her combinations of colors, and her fantastic creativity. You can also find La La Shoes on flickr. I really recommend going in looking, since it is a joy for the eyes and mind. And perfect presents, now when Christmas is coming. They are for a pair of twins, these once, a boy, dark like his father, and a little girl, blond like her mother.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two finished hats. The first one is the Cat Hat... but everyone seems to see different animals, like rat and rabbit... so I guess it is a cat-rat-rabbit-hat. I give them all a number, and I will check tomorrow what numbers these two have.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I can never work on one thing at the time. I can never finish a thing without starting a new thing before. There is a great feeling finishing something, like reaching the goal in a competition, passing the finishing line with pumping adrenalin and excitement. But if I have not already started another thing, or two, or maybe three, before, it's only panic and frustration to finish something. It's like my hands are addicted, or mentally sick, and they get told that there drug of choice, or medication is out... and it feels like someone ripped the floor away under your feet, and there is nothing there to balance on when you look down. It's like there is no oxygen left, and the panic feeling of suffocation is all there is.

So I never really let that happen... so here is some of the hats I am working on right now...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Scarf to my Dimitris mother

I just finished this scarf. I made it for Dimitris mother. It is made to fit the outfit she will be wearing tomorrow when her first grandchild will be baptised. It is in silk, with swarovski. I am happy to make something for her, because she does so much for us. She cooks for us about 4 days a week. Wonderful fantastic Greek food. She is a beautiful woman.

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Back

Another drawing that is not even half ready yet.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


This is one of the drawings I am working on right now. It's not ready yet, and has work left especially the face and feet. The wings I made out of feathers, and will be glued on the drawing as soon as it's ready. I have lost the photo I was using for this drawing, and therefore has to improvise.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This dress I made last week. I am trying to come up with patterns that are more flexible in sizes, like this one. The ribbons and the elastic under the chest makes it fit better, and this dress would fit a size small to medium. I am an extra small-small, and it seam to fit me to. It's the same idea as the black and grey dress under with the heart.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another dress I have started on. The drawing shows an idea of waht the dress will look like. I will do changes, and I think I will put 2 belts insted of 1. I think I will make the dress in a light pink silk, with belts in ether brown-green or red. I will also put some beads and swarowski on the embroidery. But we'll see what happens!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

One of the dresses I am working on right now. It's not ready yet.

Now I will also show you what I made about a week ago. This dress is in silk. I really love the colour of the fabric, but it was frustrating to work with. So thin slightest wind from the window and it moved around like it was alive.
I don't have all the wounderful photos of my sisters Anja and Karin when I have dressed them up, here in Athens (they are in Mora), but as soon as I have them, some of them will be here.

I even used my father and his friends to practise my new makeup on, when they where drinking coffee...

One of my other big hobbies in my life was dancing, and one Christmas I got a this outfit, and Helena's old makeup box, with tunns of fun makeup, witch she made my makeup with that day. I was really really happy, and felt really really pretty....

My stepmother Helena was always helpfull to fullfill my princess-dreams, like my mother Inger. My mother Inger cut of her weddingdress for me when I was little, so it fit me, and I could play in it all day long. She also made a beautiful dress to me, witch I will put in a picture of later. Now I will show you the beautilful dress Helena let me pick fabric for, and she made for me....

Well, I am stil learning how this works, and things are showing up backwards then I would like... but I will learn....

Me and my brother has been everything from mothers walking there dags, hairdressers, kings, santas, indians, and a lot more....

I was dressing up as often as I could, in what ever I could find, and even in kindergarden I spent whole days as troll-princess or a diver.... But this picture is from earlier...

Welcome to my blog. I will first tell you who I am. I am Anna Elvira Engman, and I was born in Sundsvall, Sweden, but moved to Mora by the age of 1. I grew up in a big family, where I am the oldest child. My father is an artist, and my mother makes patchwork. My parents where what we would call hippies, when I grew up, and they encouraged me to dress how ever I wanted, even in the things I made myself, even though by the age of 5 I was probably not the best designer...

I have always loved to dress up, myself and others. I will start with some pictures from my childhood....